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RAI Group provides liquidity to smooth out short-term cash flow or support growth capital for small to middle-market companies. More specifically, using your company’s assets as collateral, we’ll lend you money to meet your specific needs. Perhaps you need to finance an acquisition, expand into a new market or even manage a business setback. Whatever the individual circumstance, we’ve got you covered.

Our services include:

Inventory Loans: If you invested in inventory and need financial support to carry that asset, we’ll create a flexible borrowing base with a tailored approach to inventory lending


Purchase Order Financing: RAI offers creative financing options for businesses that require funding for a large purchase prior to delivering the goods. In fact, we can finance as much as 100% of the cost—even under tight time constraints.


Factoring Invoices: Are you looking to factor invoices so that you can offer payment terms to your customers? We’ll customize a factoring facility based on the creditworthiness of your debtor. We can either purchase all of your invoices or selective ones based on your needs for working capital.


Receivables Line: For more mature companies looking for cash flow solutions, RAI offers a receivables line of credit, whereby we use your receivables as collateral. With this option, you get the flexibility to borrow and repay the debt as needed.


Equipment Financing: With RAI’s equipment financing loans, you can purchase the equipment you need now and repay the loan with manageable monthly payments over time.


Estate Liquidity Loans: If cash is needed before an estate is settled, RAI can create liquidity based upon the assets in the estate. Immediate cash needs of a beneficiary may not allow an executor the necessary time to maximize the liquidation value of estate assets.


Real Estate Bridge loans:   Our real estate bridge loan (correspondent real estate lending) program offers a temporary, short-term source of capital that allows mortgage originators to leverage their equity and close more transactions to grow their business.



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